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Unlike a typical $100 Vacuum Food Sealer that's slow, difficult to use and requires expensive bags, our patented PressDome™ Vacuum Sealer is inexpensive and:

Save money two ways with PressDome™. Its vacuum seal keeps food fresher up to 3X longer, so you'll save money and food each week. It seals food directly on YOUR OWN plates, platters, bowls, skillets, even cutting boards & countertops, so you'll save money on disposable bags, plastic wrap and containers. You’ll also save time since you do not need to transfer leftovers to plastic containers or bags anymore. To have enough PressDomes™ while some are in use or in the dishwasher, our customers typically get several sets.

PressDome™ is the hottest new product for the kitchen that you'll use everyday, throughout the day. it makes a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, housewarmings, bridal shows, weddings, anniversaries, hostess gifts and other special occasions. Also great for family and friends who appreciate healthy life styles, have kids, or have weak hands due to arthritis!  Click on the ORDER NOW button to get Todays Special Offer.  We are offering FREE SHIPPING and Life Simplified Recipe book with each order. Get the PressDome™ Junior for just $24.99, the PressDome™ Universal for just $39.99 and the PressDome™ Jumbo for just $44.99!

PressDome™ Jumbo is ideal for our customers want to store or save high profile food like cakes, roasted whole chickens, stacks of grilled meat, bananas, avocadoes, even half or whole cantaloupes and watermelon. PressDome™ Jumbo is designed just for that!  Today we offer it to you at only $44.99, with FREE SHIPPING or upgrade to the Complete 7 Piece set.

PressDome™ Universal makes for quick cleanup of leftovers after dinner.  Just vacuum seal directly to the dinner plate to stack and store in the fridge for leftovers you'll WANT to eat again or seal larger serving platters and bowls of leftovers without transfering to another container.  It's also great for preparing meals in advance for the week directly onto dinner plates.  Imagine how excited your friends or relatives will be when you arrive at their door with a stack of meals ready to eat for the week. Often an elderly parent or friend that is ill or children with a newborn in the home are not able or don't have time to cook.  PressDome™ is a welcome solution! Today we offer it to you at only $39.99, with FREE SHIPPING or upgrade to the Complete 7 Piece set.

PressDome™ Junior is perfect when kids or grandkids never seem to be able to finish their meal.  Just seal their leftovers with PressDome™ Junior and now they’ll have leftovers they’ll want to eat again.  Or, if you're health concious or want to save time & money, you can now vacuum seal a healthy portion of lunch on a plate or bowl to take to work or school.  We offer it here for only $24.99, with FREE SHIPPING or upgrade to the Complete 7 Piece Set.  Click on the ORDER NOW button NOW!